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Where We Meet

We meet our hot air balloon passengers outside one of two Bob Evan’s Restaurants located in the Tampa area about an hour before sunrise. Both restaurants are located approximately 12 miles north of downtown Tampa. We will call you the night before your flight to let you know which location your pilot has chosen. From there, he will drive you to one of over ten different launch fields available to us in the northern Hillsborough and southern Pasco County areas. The exact location of the launch is determined by the wind conditions on the morning of the flight and at the discretion of the pilot.


Our hot air balloon ground crew stays in radio contact with the balloon pilot and is normally in the landing field before the balloon lands. Very seldom is this the same field that the balloon was launched from since we travel with the wind.


After a traditional champagne toast with our pilot and ground crew after the flight, your pilot will return you to the Bob Evan’s Restaurant where you first met your pilot for a complimentary sit-down breakfast.


General Flying Area Map

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