Feel the thrill, excitement and serenity

as Big Red takes you from just above the treetops to an altitude of 1000 feet. Cruise over the Tampa area and enjoy panoramic view of its lakes, diverse wildlife and unique landscape.

Big Red Balloon Sightseeing Adventures is the ultimate sky cruise experience in Florida!

Big Red Balloon's

Pilot Training

FAA Certified Hot Air Balloon Pilot Training

Minimum Requirements to attain a private pilot license:

  • 10 flight hours
  • Pass a FAA written exam with a 70% score
  • Pass a flight tests administered by the FAA

During the flight training stage YOU fly the balloon under the direction of a Commercial Lighter-Than-Air Rated Pilot. In addition, we encourage student pilots to participate as ground crew on our passenger flights. The knowledge gained as a crewmember accelerates all aspects of your training, saving you time and money.

What is the cost of pilot training?
The cost is $150-$250 per flight lesson depending on whether the training would be in your balloon or ours. Estimated total costs vary from $1500 to $2500. Training in your own balloon is the least expensive alternative. We will design a personal training program that meets your needs and takes into account any previous experience.

Our training program complies with FAA FAR Part 61.