Feel the thrill, excitement and serenity

as Big Red takes you from just above the treetops to an altitude of 1000 feet. Cruise over the Tampa area and enjoy panoramic view of its lakes, diverse wildlife and unique landscape.

Big Red Balloon Sightseeing Adventures is the ultimate sky cruise experience in Florida!

Big Red Balloon

The Adventure

Big Red Balloon Sightseeing Adventures are flown daily at sunrise in the Northern Hillsborough and Southern Pasco County area and provide an outstanding birds eye view of Florida's most beautiful landscapes. Gaze in serenity at picturesque lakes reflecting tall cypress trees laced with Spanish moss. Watch deer prance across open fields and then disappear under cover of the lush green oak trees. Silently fly over alligators swimming lazily across a quiet pond or basking in the warmth of the morning sun. A wide variety of native plants and birds also enhance this magnificent panoramic view of Florida’s diverse wildlife.

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It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that our passengers will never forget.